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  • What is the difference between mDodatki and mExcel?

  • mDodatki are still in use. There is no more development, they are only in Slovenian language, but the user community is so vast that they still live...

    MExcel is written in C# and is more appropriate for future... And they have a different set of tools, wizards

  • Is MExcel free?

  • YES; currently it is absolutely and totally free! But the developement is fast so new versions are coming out every few months and at that point the old versions become obsolete.
  • Which version of Excel do I need to run mExcel?

  • MExcel works on every version of Excel from Excel 2000 and on. (Excel 2000, Excel XP, Excel 2003, Excel 2007 in Excel 2010).
  • I am not an expert in Excel, so I don't know how to use such add-in!

  • Don't be afraid! Even If you are not an expert, MExcel is still the right tool for you - even more if you are not en expert! We have prepared a set of films to show you how to install and work with MExcel more
  • When using MExcel, I am getting an error: "Old Format or Invalid Type Library"

  • This is the bug in Excel itself (MS explanation).

    In MExcel Settings you can find an option with which you can solve the problem more